Saturday, March 30, 2013

inspiration in physical design & infographic wall art

When my husband and I were exploring our new neighborhood and the surrounding area by foot a couple of weeks ago, we came across something exciting: a Blue Bottle Coffee inside a ceramic shop. The ceramic shop in question was Heath, which I've since learned is a long-standing San Francisco institution, renown for their mid-century design. The original factory in Sausalito is where the iconic tableware and tiles are still made today.

I've been finding data viz inspiration recently in physical design, so (caffeine in hand), the bright colors, orderly arrangement, and interesting shapes in the retail space intrigued me. As did the wall art in the sitting area of the coffee shop (pictured above; with views of the open facility where they'll start making tile later this year): eight giant panels painted on the wall forming a timeline of Heath's ceramic products from its inception in 1948 to today. Simple, functional, and thoughtfully designed - just like the ceramics.

Are there any interesting places or disciplines from which you draw data viz inspiration? Leave a comment to inspire the rest of us!


  1. Hi Cole - interesting post, thanks for sharing!

    Periscopic has a Pinterest site called "Data Viz Inspiration" that I like checking out now and then:

    Santiago Ortiz also has a number of fascinating Pinterest Boards that serve as inspiration from time to time:

    Lastly, I like finding inspiration in whatever subject matter I happen to be analyzing. So, for example, if data about the history of forest fires can look like flames, I'd gravitate to that.

    Thanks again,

  2. Such a well versed blog, glad to see these are still around.